Hi, My name is Colin Dalby.

I am a UX Designer.

Formally trained in the fields of Cognitive Science and Computer Science, I have 2 years of professional experience researching, designing, testing, and programming amazing digital experiences.

About Me

Passionate about technology and human behaviour, I was drawn towards an education and career that emphasized both of these. I quickly realized that UX is the perfect intersection of these two and have been forging a career in the field ever since.

During my time as a UX designer at an insurtech startup I discovered a passion for researching, designing, testing, and iterating on product designs, proudly improving the user experience of numerous B2C products and websites as I learned.

Through the formal academic study of Cognitive Science and Computer Science, I have learned not only about human behaviour and perception, but also how to plan and implement a digital project that takes these into account.


I’m fortunate to have had a wide range of experiences in the tech space, including working in the public sector, a large software development enterprise, and a small tech startup.

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Slice Labs

I worked as a UX Designer for over a year and played an integral role in introducing user research and usability testing to the company.

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Ribbon Communications

I worked as a back-end software developer for 4 months, developing the microservice architecture of a session border controller.

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